Sundance Dental Lab | SunZir SIMPLE Full Zirconia (One-Piece Abutment & Crown)
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SunZir SIMPLE Full Zirconia (One-Piece Abutment & Crown)

Featuring natural beauty and a unique custom shading

the Sundance SunZir restorations can be combined with our SIMPLE implant package to create a virtually unbreakable one piece abutment and crown.

  • Full Zirconia restoration without porcelain overlay
  • CAD/CAM Titanium interface
  • Unsurpassed strength
  • Minimal occlusal clearance required (6mm)(implant to opposing) in some cases can accept less)
  • Easy to adjust / polish (with FMZ zirconia diamond & polishing kit)
  • Vita shades
  • Natural light transmission (similar to natural tooth structure, unlike PFM)
  • No cement clean-up

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