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SunZir Esthetic Anterior

The new SunZir Esthetic – Cubic Zirconia System is a material revolution for Clinicians

The new SunZir Esthetic – cubic zirconia system is a material revolution for Clinicians who desire Esthetics and Value in one material. Solid Zirconia has never been like this before. SunZir Esthetic is a highly biocompatible material with outstanding transparency. This versatile full zirconia restoration is well-suited for anterior restorations and allows for simple tooth preserving preparation.

  • SunZir Esthetic Restorations combine the known positive properties of zirconia with a significant increase in translucency as it is known only from lithium disilicate (IPS e.Max).
  • The flexural strength of this material is 650 to 700 MPa   so singles and 3 unit bridges are the suggested oral indications.
  • This material is a perfect option for esthetic treatments in the anterior region

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