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Lava™ Plus

Featuring natural beauty and a unique patented custom shading

Featuring natural beauty and a unique patented custom shading, 3M ESPE’s Lava™ Plus High Translucency Zirconia produces resilient, brilliantly esthetic dental restorations. The Lava™ Plus custom shading technology provides endless options for color individualization, without compromising strength, longevity or translucency. Virtually unbreakable, the versatile zirconia block is well-suited for posterior restorations.

  • Lava™ Plus all-zirconia restorations are virtually unbreakable without porcelain overlay
  • Antagonist-preserving wear properties
  • Well-suited for posterior restorations
  • Allows a </=0.5 mm minimum wall thickness
  • Easy adjustment and polish

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