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O2Vent™ Products are a Breath of Fresh Air

Introducing an innovative approach to oral appliance therapy – a treatment platform featuring Oventus Airway Technology. With a unique, low resistance airway incorporated into its patented design, the O2Vent™ customized oral appliances deliver air to the back of the mouth, allowing for breathing through the appliance, bypassing nasal resistance and velopharyngeal obstruction.


How Oventus Airway Technology Works

Nose breathing during sleep is ideal and patients should breathe though their nose to the extent they can. In the case of nasal resistance, nasal obstruction or soft palate collapse, a patient would normally experience a respiratory event or arousal and may then convert to mouth breathing, leading to an unstable airway. Oventus Airway Technology is designed to allow continued air flow to the oropharynx in the presence of nasal or soft palate obstruction. If device breathing is required during sleep, an oral seal is maintained and ventilation normalizes.


Oventus Sleep Appliance Product Guide


  • O2Vent W – The latest device in the range. The ‘W’ is a slimline winged-style device that uses a dual mechanism to stabilise the jaw and move it forward without locking the upper and lower jaw together.
  • O2Vent T – The “T” device connects at the front before you insert into your mouth. You can titrate your lower jaw forward to a comfortable range that further opens your airway.

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